Friday, 4 January 2013

Tips for applying Nail Polish

Tips for applying Nail Polish

Nobody wants to have a boring nails. Almost every girl wants to paint their nails and some change the color of the nails everyday. Nail Polish is the better way to express your personality. You have to choose a nail polish color which matches your outfit. It is easy to skip over the fact that painting the nails yourself is sometimes is quite difficult and it is time consuming. Though it is time consuming, it can add flair to your outfit. 

The following are some tips to help you achieve perfectly polished nails:
Nail Polish
  • Before you paint your nails, use nail polish remover even if you don’t have any old nail polish on it. Because nail polish remover not only removes nail polish but it also helps with removing any debris on the surface of the nails.
  • After removing your nail polish, wipe away all traces using a cotton ball.
  • Before polishing nails, it's important to shape the nail, and then when finished, remove all nail dust from the nail. Rinse hands with mild soap and warm water and then dry thoroughly before polishing.
  • Lay a clear base coat on your nails. This creates a smooth surface for the color you will be applying afterwards. 
  • Always apply polish on your smallest finger first, saving your thumb for last. 
  • Roll the bottle of the nail polish in between your hands to mix it thoroughly. Do not shake the bottle as this will create air bubbles that will comprise the quality of the nail polish.
  • After opening the cap, wipe the brush off on the opening of the bottle to remove excess polish.
  • Apply polish down the middle of each nail from cuticle to tip before swiping color on either side of the stripe. This keeps the polish thicker in the center rather than on the sides, where it can roll off of your nail and onto your skin. 
  • When applying the color to your nails, it is important that the brush you use be clean and soft.
  • After you finish painting your nails allow it to dry. Then wind a small piece of cotton tightly around the tip of an orange stick. Dip the cotton-covered tip into nail polish remover and go over any spots where you see nail polish on your skin.

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