Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tips to apply Lipstick perfectly

Tips to apply Lipstick perfectly

When it comes to makeup, lipstick is perhaps one of the more crucial elements to looking fabulous. One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your appearance is to apply lipstick. Since your lips are the one of the most important focal points of your face, you have to pay special attention to them when applying makeup. Lipstick is the product that gives your makeup the finishing touch. It unites the colors you have used to bring your face alive.

Pick a Shade
        First, pick a shade that compliments your complexion. If you pick a wrong shade you will end up looking too pale or too cheap. Luckily there are many shades or red lipstick to choose from and you can always test a shade before you buy it.

Apply Lip Liner
        Use a lip liner that is the same shade or just a shade darker than your lipstick color to outline your lips. Lip liner is used to outline your lips. Don’t draw it more than 1 millimeter above your lip line or you will end up looking ridiculous.

Apply Lipstick
         This is most important part and it is very important that you apply correctly. Apply the lipstick to a lip brush and begin coloring your lips. Take your time. Start from the outside of your lips, applying brush over lip liner.

Lip Gloss
        This gives a shiny appearance. If your resistant lipstick leaves your lips looking dry you can apply some lip gloss over it as this gives a glow to your lipstick a little twist.

Bring Your Lipstick with You
         Always carry your lipstick with you in case of accidental removal or if you need to do a quick touch up. You may have dinner or have some drinks; the color may fade so you should reapply it. It is tricky to apply lipstick so maybe you should practice at home. Practice will give you necessary routine and your hands won’t shake in fear every time you need to apply it.


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