Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tips to get Hairless Skin Naturally

Nowadays hair removal has become an essential part of our busy lifestyle. In recent year the hair removal has become a matter of genuine concern. Many peoples are going through various hair removal treatments but which are very painful. Laser hair treatments are a bit risky and also it is expensive and painful. The other way of hair removal is waxing which is also highly painful. To remove the hair many different alternative ways are present and you can opt for natural and risk free ways to remove the unwanted hairs.

Tips to get Hairless Skin Naturally

Natural ways to get rid of unwanted Hair:
  • Sugaring: This assists you to remove hair from the roots and for a longer period. The ingredients required for the sugar spa is 2 cups of sugar, ¼ cup lemon and ¼ cup water. Heat the pan and mix all the ingredients with continuous stirring, till it turns into a thick brown paste. Allow the paste to cool to a nominal temperature before use. Apply usual methods of waxing to remove hair.
  • Threading: one of the most common ways used for removing hair is threading. Threading cuts the hair growth from the surface of the skin and gives temporary relief from the hair growth. The process of threading involves tie the ends of a long thread of cotton and twist it 4 times to make an ‘x’ and wrap it around the fingers. Opening the fingers of one hand while closing the fingers of the other hand push the twisted part from one end to other. This is considered as the best way to get a hairless skin surface.
  • Ant Oil Massage: One of the ancient methods to remove hair is massaging your body with ant oil.  The method is highly effective if used at a very early stage of development for a baby, which avoids hair growth, finally making it permanent. It is not necessary that only small babies can use this oil but also young women can apply this oil.
  • Egg paste: this method is the safest method to remove hair from any parts of the body. The ingredients include ½ cup egg white, ½ cup sugar and ½ cup corn floor, mixed well to make a paste. Apply this on the hairy area and leave for 15 minutes to dry. Scrub it off in the direction of hair growth.
  • Home made Facial: A face having dense hair can be the reason of embarrassment for women. A better alternative to hair removal creams is a home made facial. The ingredients include lemon juice, water and gram floor mixed thoroughly. Apply this onto your face and leave till it dries. Scrub it off in the direction of growth to peel off unwanted hair.
  • Yogurt and chickpea floor paste: Combine balanced amounts of chickpea and yogurt to ensure that the mixture being prepared is a thick one. Apply this mixture on your body and let the paste dry for half an hour. After the required time scrub and wash it off. 


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