Friday, 15 February 2013

Milk, Honey and Strawberries for Hair Straightening

Everybody wants things they don't have. It's the same for hair too. The people who have straight hair want curly hair and those with curly hair envy people with straight hair. The most common method of hair straightening involves the use of a heated flat iron that severely damages the hair's shaft over time. But, there are ways in which you can make hair straight naturally without straightening methods.

Milk, Honey and Strawberries for Hair Straightening

Milk, Honey and Strawberries for make your Hair Straight Naturally:

Step 1: Take three large strawberries and mash it well in a small bowl with a fork.
Step 2: Now take 1 cup of milk and 2 tsp of honey and mix it with the mashed strawberries. Mix three ingredients together until they form a creamy paste.
Step 3: Now your paste gets ready and you can apply this to your hair. Allow the paste on hair for 2 hours.
Step 4: After 2 hours, you can rinse your hair with shampoo and cool water.
Step 5: Comb the wet hair with a wide toothed comb.
Step 6: Allow your hair to air dry.
Step 7: Repeat this process weekly once for straight and shiny hair. 


  1. Oh that's great i'll sure try this out.

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    2. How well did it work for you??

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