Friday, 22 February 2013

Simple Baby Hair Care Tips

Simple Baby Hair Care Tips

Baby's hair is soft and hair care regime of baby’s hair needs to be carried with special care and attention. If you fail to follow a special hair regimen for your baby, it is likely to damage both the hair and scalp of your baby. Many babies start life with little or no baby hair, or perhaps a downy layer of fuzz.

If that’s the case with your baby, no special hair or scalp care is needed, just wash your baby’s head with the same gentle soap you use for the bath. Here are few tips on how you can mange the task of caring for your baby's hair easily.
Baby Hair
  • If the baby is having less or no hairs, shampoo twice a week. Washing baby hair for 3-4 times can make the skin dry and flaky.
  • If the baby has dandruff, massage the scalp with little olive oil before washing the hair.
  • Try to protect baby’s head from sun. Use baby hats or caps.
  • Use wide toothed comb to work out any tangles before shampooing. Always keep separate baby comb. 
  • Babies don’t really need any conditioner. As your baby gets older and the hair gets longer, your might want to start using a gentle conditioner occasionally.
  • Use only baby shampoos as they don’t have chemicals in the ingredients.
  • Once the hair gets longer, trim it to keep it out of baby’s eyes.
  • Start combing from the bottom or back then come towards the top.
  • Depending on the hair length, wash baby hair. In the growing ages, increase washing baby hair from 2 days to 3 in a week. 


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