Friday, 1 February 2013

Tips to get soft and smooth Hands

Many women suffer with rough hands and having soft hands can be quite hard. Women do lot of things with hands like they expose the hands to dishwater, cleaning products, and soap several times a day. They use the hands to prepare dinner for families, bathing the children, and working in the garden. So there is no doubt in getting your hands dry, fingernails cracked and peeling.

Tips to get soft and smooth Hands

Here are some tips for getting soft hands easily and quickly:
  • Apply the mixture of orange juice and honey to make your hands soft. 
  • Protect your hands from harsh cleansers and household chemicals when washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, gardening and even when washing your car by wearing rubber gloves.
  • It is important to always wash your hands with a moisturizing soap. Use a liquid soap instead of a bar soap because it is less drying. Remember to use warm water and not hot.
  • Before you go to bed, lavish on by Vaseline and after that pop on a pair of cotton gloves. Your hands will be amazingly soft by morning. 
  • Special treatments such as a warm oil bath and herbal therapies can keep your hands soft forever. 
  • Apply sunscreen to your hands everyday to keep them soft and protect them from rays.
  • Application of white of eggs also makes a hand mask. It makes the skin tight and prevents formation of wrinkles. 

Above all these things eat a healthy and nutritious diet. Your diet is just as important to the softness of your skin as avoiding the things that make it rough. Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables that have not been cooked are wonderful for your skin. Also engage in nighttime treatments this helps to soften the skin on your hands and keep it soft.

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