Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tips to Reduce Pimples


Pimples are very serious problem of the skin. It’ll spoil the looks and beauty. Young adults and teenagers mostly affected by pimples due to poor hygiene and infection. Which will also leaves marks on your face. Hormonal growth in high may also cause pimples. Some of the below tips may help you to reduce pimples. 

  • Wash your face twice in a day. This helps you to keep your face oil free.
fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Try to drink plenty of water, this will make your blood clean.
  • Avoid eating junk foods and fried food. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Apply fresh mint all over the face every night, which is the effective treatment of pimples.
  • Apply cucumber, papaya and carrot paste on your face for sometime, this practice helps to reduce pimples.
  • Honey has antibacterial properties, Apply honey as a mask twice in a week to reduce pimples.
  • Oily hair may cause pimples sometimes, so wash your hair daily.
  • Stress may also results in pimples, so exercise regularly to avoid stress.
  • You can also go with bacterial ointments, which is suggested by doctor.
  • Don’t touch or pinch the pimples, which can increase the pimples more.

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  1. Nice tips but what can i do to with the blackheads.