Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Solutions for Dark Elbows

Dark elbows are not a big problem, with a little care we can get rid of it. Here I have suggested some easy home tips for your dark elbows.

Solutions for Dark Elbows

Use oil:
Generally, Olive and coconut oil is widely used in cosmetic products and they have excellent properties to soften the tough and scaly skin of the elbow area. If you use any one of these oils, it could be soften and smoothen the skin area and lead to lighter skin.

Scrub regularly:
Scrub the elbow area regularly to remove the dead skin cell deposits in the area. Take care and not to scrub too hard because that could have the converse effect of skin darkening.

In special occasions you could try bleaching the area rather than waiting to get better looking elbows. This has been seen to be beneficial in many cases.

Use Sugar:
Sugar is an excellent natural exfoliant. It contains glycolic acid which is helpful in lightening the elbow areas.

Use Lime:
Citric acid has been seen to be very useful in treating dark unsightly elbows. It can remove the dead skin and lighten your elbow area. Lemon contains citric acid and rubbing them on the elbows has been seen to work very well.


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