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Tips to lighten dark underarms

Tips to lighten dark underarms

While wearing sleeveless dresses or swim suit your underarms darkness makes you feel shy and conscious. To get rid of dark underarms you have to first understand the causes.

Top 6 Causes For Dark Underarms:
  1. Shaving
  2. Formation of Dead Cells
  3. Excessive usage of Deodorants
  4. Friction
  5. Hereditary Factors
  6. Diabetes
So many women have dark underarms and famous deodorant brands are advertised and promised you to whiten your underarms. Getting rid of darker underarms is not an easy task as we think.

Best Ways to Lighten Dark Underarms:
Lighten Dark Underarms

  • Apply Lemon Juice
Lemon is one of the natural bleaching agent and many of us are not aware about it. Rub your underarms with lemon juice every day before taking a bath. It will slowly lighten the area. After bath, use moisturizer to soften the skin and skip deodorants for a few days.

  • Use Waxing
The main reasons for dark underarms are shaving or apply hair removal creams. Instead of shaving or hair removal creams, try waxing. It will hurt you a lot but the hair will definitely be removed from the root and your underarms will appear fairer immediately.

  • Apply Potato and cucumber juices
Like lemon, Potato also works as a natural bleaching agent. You can rub underarm skin with thinly sliced potatoes and leave it on for 15 minutes and wash. You can also apply potato juice to the affected area. Definitely you can feel the difference. Similarly, you can use cucumber and apply the juice under your arms.

  • Use Lightening Masks

  • You can make a homemade whitening pack and apply it to remove underarm darkness. To prepare the mask at home, mix a handful of gram flour with yogurt, lemon and a little turmeric powder. Keep it for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off. If you are decided to buy a readymade mask from market then try to buy clay-based lightening skin mask.

    • Try Sandalwood and Rose Water
    One of the greatest ways to remove dark underarms is to create a paste with sandalwood and rose water. Sandalwood has lightening properties and rose water will cool down the skin. Leave the paste for a few minutes and wash it. Use this paste every day to see a difference.

    • Reduce the Use of deodorants
    Deodorant is one of the main reasons for dark underarms. Instead of using deodorants, use natural remedies to overcome body odor for a few days. Anti-fungal powders and alum are also great alternatives. Once your underarms changed to lighter, then use the deodorants that made for sensitive skins.


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